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All the members of the International Carnivorous Plant Society share an interest in those fascinating and beautiful plants that capture, kill, and digest animals. Which of the following categories do you fall into?


Are you a beginner who is having trouble with that Venus Flytrap? Or are you an experienced grower who would like access to our large, inexpensive seed bank? Are you curious about how to propagate tuberous sundews? Do you have pests on your carnivores? Would you like to know how to prepare water for Aldrovand? Do you want to contact other growers or seed distributors? Do you want to publish a new cultivar description? Would you like to know about Sarracenia fieldwork?


Do you want to know how carnivorous plants and their traps work, how they are adapted to their environment, and how they evolved? Do you want to review the species descriptions of newly discovered carnivores? Would you like a quick summary of this quarter's most important carnivorous plant papers that appeared in the botanical journals?


Looking for a way to excite your students? Do you want to interest your students in the natural world?


Do you need updates on how Nepenthes and Sarracenia are surviving in the wild? Are you worried about habitat preservation? Are you interested in the latest trends in the collecting and conservation attitudes of carnivorous plant growers? Do you want to hear the news about CITES, ESA, or the IUCN?


Are you the sort of person who is interested in the natural world? Are you fascinated by these peculiar plants which seem to have upset the conventional order of the animal-plant interactions?

Globe Trekkers

Do you require travel information for that approaching trip to Mt. Kinabalu? Would you like advice for finding plants on the Venezuelan tepuis? Are you planning to visit the southeastern US and would like to know where you should go to see plants?

Members of the ICPS fit into many of the above groups--what about you?

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