Conservation Allies and Links

We have either worked with the following organizations and/or agree strongly with their conservation approaches. We also provide links to other resources we have generated that are important to the conservation of carnivorous plants.

IUCN: The World Conservation Union
The ICPS Journal's editors, Dr. Jan Schlauer and Dr. Barry Rice, are both longstanding members of the IUCN's Carnivorous Plant Specialist Group in the Species Survival Commission, and have also helped advise on listing issues with CITES.
Plant Conservation Alliance
The ICPS has had Cooperator status with the Federal Native Plant Conservation Committee since 1998.
Atlanta Botanical Gardens
This organization is helping to manage a number of carnivorous plant bogs, as well as propagate rare Sarracenia species protected by the USA's Endangered Species Act of 1973.
The Nature Conservancy
This is the USA's most successful private conservation organization dedicated to habitat protection. The offices in Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania are particularly active in carnivorous plant sites.
Carnivorous Plant FAQ (Conservation Area)
The ICPS's Carnivorous Plant FAQ has a large section devoted to conservation issues and carnivorous plants.
Meadowview Biological Research Station
Because of land conversion and habitat fragmentation, the pitcher plant Sarracenia flava has almost been extirpated from Virginia. This ambitious project seeks to protect a 100 acre tract of land and reintroduce Sarracenia flava there. While the ICPS has not worked with Meadowview, it certainly encourages supporters to contact and help the formation of preserves like the proposed one at Joseph Pines!
ICPS Conservation Statement
This is a little old and musty and in need of revision. We will update it as soon as we can!

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