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The Genus Sarracenia
Sarracenia minor
Sarracenia minor var. okefenokeensis growing in Charlton County, Georgia
Sarracenia rosea
Sarracenia rosea growing in Liberty County, Florida.

The name Sarracenia honors Michel Sarrazin, an early 18th century Quebec botanist and surgeon. Common names for the genus abound. The most common common names are "pitcher plants", "North American pitcher plants", and "trumpet pitchers" (the last being applicable to only the tall and tubular species). Regional common names include "frog's britches", "huntsman's horn" (both probably for Sarracenia purpurea), and "fly bugles." Some common names are derived from the flowers. A flower viewed from below (especially after petal-fall) looks rather like a pocket watch without dial markers or hands, and is therefore unable to tell you the time, earning it the name "dumb watches." Meanwhile, flowers with red petals can look like a cup overflowing with dripping red fluid, resulting in the name "blood cups". Yellow-flowered plants are analogously called "butter cups," which is nice except that this name is more widely applied to a large number of wetland wildflowers in the genus Ranunculus.

Sarracenia is a passive pitcher plant carnivore restricted to the southeastern USA, although one species ranges far north and west into Canada. Most of the species have erect and tubular pitchers. The pitchers are modified leaves. Insects are attracted to the pitchers because they mimic flowers—the pitchers are brightly colored, and are endowed with sugar-exuding glands called extrafloral nectaries (i.e. nectar sites that are not in flowers). It is significant that the pitcher coloration and distribution of nectaries are usually strongest near the pitcher opening—a dangerous place for incoming insects!

Sarracenia taxa:

Sarracenia alabamensis
Sarracenia alabamensis subsp. wherryi
Sarracenia alata
Sarracenia flava
Sarracenia flava
var. atropurpurea
Sarracenia flava
var. cuprea
Sarracenia flava
var. maxima
Sarracenia flava
var. ornata
Sarracenia flava
var. rubricorpora
Sarracenia flava
var. rugelii
Sarracenia jonesii
Sarracenia leucophylla
Sarracenia minor
Sarracenia minor
var. okefenokeensis
Sarracenia oreophila
Sarracenia psittacina
Sarracenia purpurea
Sarracenia purpurea
subsp. purpurea f. heterophylla
Sarracenia purpurea
subsp. venosa
Sarracenia purpurea
subsp. venosa var. montana
Sarracenia rosea
Sarracenia rosea
f. luteola
Sarracenia rubra
Sarracenia rubra
subsp. gulfensis

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-- Barry Rice

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