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The Drosera peltata complex (19 October 2014)
The Drosera peltata complex has a complicated history of unspecified type specimens and controversies over what constitutes a taxonomic species. This page summarizes that history and includes information to tell the species apart.

The Drosera indica complex (12 September 2014)
With the publication of Carnivorous Plants of Australia Magnum Opus by Allen Lowrie, there are now eleven species defined in the Drosera indica complex. This page covers the taxonomic history of the group and has a table of characters and photos to help identify the species.

Evolution -- Drosera Chromosomes (14 August 2014)
Page and figures updated with many new chromosome counts.

Evolution of the Lamiales Carnivores (29 December 2013)
Page updated.

Evolution of the Caryophyllales Carnivores (27 December 2013)
Page updated.

The Genus Philcoxia (12 August 2012)
Philcoxia has been added to the pantheon of carnivorous plants.

Drosera Hybrids (7 July 2012)
Complete revision of page with information on Drosera hybrids and hybridization.

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