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This version of the database is no longer maintained.

Please use http://cpnames.carnivorousplants.org

This is a research-oriented database of plant names based on the official Carnivorous Plant Names Database maintained by Jan Schlauer. Use the "raw database entry" option to see the full entries. Remember this is a database of published NAMES used to describe carnivorous plants. It is intended that all published names are included. However the validity of those names with respect to given plants is a matter of personal judgment based on the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature.

This database was last updated 9 July 2016. If you want more current information on cultivar names please see Registered Cultivar Names.

For search selections, there could be omissions and other extraction errors. If you don't find what you expect or you think there are errors or you are using this database for "official" purposes, please check the raw entries. If there are discrepancies between what is displayed in the report and what is shown in the raw database entry, please report those issues to the web page maintainer. If you have issues with the database entries themselves, please contact Jan Schlauer. Keep in mind that opinions may vary on the validity and use of certain names. For example, search for Drosera anglica — use "all names".

The name search entry can include multiple words or word fragments. The search will look for occurrences in the database that contain ALL the word or word fragments in the entry. For example, "dros al" will find over 25 Drosera species that have "al" in their name while "dros alic" or even "alic" will only find Drosera aliciae. If you leave the field blank, it will find all. That can result in a very long list.

Floristic provinces are based on A. Takhtajan (1986) Floristic Regions of the World, University of California Press, Berkeley. Note that floristic provinces with names of actual places do not necessarily mean the whole of that place is the province. For instance, the "California" province only includes the parts of California that are uniquely Californian. Parts of the state of California are included in the Great Basin, Sonora, and Vancouver floristic provinces. Listing of floristic provinces as used here .

Country codes are based on ISO 3166 from the International Organization for Standardization. Listing of country codes as used here.

Photo links are to Bob Ziemer's Carnivorous Plant Photo Finder. You can also search for plant names on that web site.

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