Growing Environments
Growing environments are very personal. You grow the plants the way you can grow the plants. ICPS members grow their plants everywhere from natural bogs in their back yards to a dish in a window sill. The trick is to figure out which carnivorous plants will grow well in the conditions you have.

Carnivorous plants in the house

Window Sill Garden
You too can grow carnivores on that window sill.

An inexpensive terrarium you can make yourself
I think this terrarium works MUCH better than an aquarium. But you do have to make it yourself and having a table saw helps.

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Window Sill Garden

Potted carnivorous plants outside

Display Sarracenia on your deck
A huge pot of Sarracenia growing on a patio or deck is one of the most lovely sights I can imagine. Well, or at least, among the set of plants that you could grow on a patio...

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On Deck

In-ground Bog Gardens

Growing Carnivores in Canada
Growing Sarracenia, temperate Drosera, and Dionaea outside year round in cold climates.

Chris Teichreb's bog in the Pacific Northwest (North Vancouver, B.C).
Chris relates his experiences with a back yard bog in the Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, area. The bog is probably history now as he moved to Alberta.

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Bog garden

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