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Sarracenia alata 'Night'

Sarracenia alata 'Night'.

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Growing Heliamphora (2 January 2016)
Page updated to encourage LED lighting instead of fluorescent.

Propagating Cephalotus (10 April 2014)
Jerry Jackson shows how to propagate and grow Cephalotus follicularis in this 34 minute video.

Propagating Heliamphora (10 April 2014)
Jerry Jackson shows how to propagate and grow Heliamphora in this 46 minute video.

Propagating Nepenthes by stem cuttings (10 April 2014)
Jerry Jackson shows how to propagate Nepenthes by stem cuttings in this 8 minute video.

FeedingóDried Blood Worms Step-by-Step (6 February 2014)
Dried blood worms are a great way to feed your plants when they cannot catch food on their own.

LED Plant Lighting (12 October 2013)
LEDs are an exciting new technology. Currently available LED plant lighting solutions may or may not be appropriate for your plant lighting needs.

Indoor Plant Lighting (12 August 2013)
Grow your plants indoors under lights where you can enjoy them anytime.

Sarracenia Rhizome Rot (24 July 2013)
Sarracenia like most plants can be killed by plant pathogens if they are stressed or otherwise not treated as they would like.

Growing epiphytic Utricularia (17 July 2013)
Epiphytic Utricularia can be among the more difficult carnivores to grow. However if you can grow them the flowers are spectacular.

Growing Genlisea and terrestrial Utricularia (11 July 2013)
Information on growing Genlisea added and page rewritten and with new pictures.

Growing Sarracenia (3 November 2012)
A general introduction to growing Sarracenia.

Growing Darlingtonia californica (16 October 2012)
Page updated with new photos and expanded growing information.

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