ICPS Conference 2014, Cairns, Australia

Drosera schizandra
Drosera schizandra


Nepenthes rowanae




ICPS 2014

The ICPS Conference 2014 was presented by the three Australian CP Societies:

The conference was hosted by The Cairns Botanic Gardens, which houses an impressive collection of tropical CPs.

The 3-day event catered for the scientific/academic community, hobbyists, and conservationists alike. The conference included high quality contemporary speakers and a range of public events.

Two post-conference field trips were organised to capture the diversity of tropical Australian CPs.

  • Monday 21 July 2014, a full day trip to Mount Bartle Frere to see 3 different locations for Drosera schizandra.

  • Tuesday 22 July to Saturday 26 July 2014, a rare opportunity to visit the very tip of Cape York to see Nepenthes, Tropical Utricularia, Drosera, and Byblis.

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