Conference 2010 Leiden
The 8th ICPS Conference was held on the 6th, 7th and 8th of August 2010 in Leiden, The Netherlands. The conference was organized by Carnivora, the Dutch Carnivorous Plant Society and the Hortus botanicus Leiden, the Leiden botanical gardens.

About 120 people took part in the conference and 8,500 people visited the accompanying public exhibition and plant sales. Guided tours and activities for kids were also held.

The conference had the following lectures:

  • Allen Lowrie, Australian Drosera & Byblis
  • Gert Hoogenstrijd, Table mountains of Venezuela
  • Francois Mey, The Nepenthes of Indochina
  • Andreas Fleischmann, South African Drosera and Roridula
  • Stewart McPherson, Nepenthes of the Philippines & The discovery of Carnivorous plants
  • Mike King, Sarracenia, Cultivation and conservation
  • Madeleine Groves, Botanic Gardens, Conservation of Carnivorous plants
  • Adrian Wartono, Nepenthes exploration on Java
  • Fernando Rivadavia, Genlisea phylogeny
  • Robert Cantley, Nepenthes, Conservation through cultivation

Also a group discussion was held focusing on conservation problems with CITES and other regulations.

The conference was videotaped and these presentations will be made available to the participants of the conference on DVD. The tapes will also be made available as conference proceedings at a later time (to be determined).

During the conference the Ark of Life foundation, The Hortus botanicus Leiden and the International Carnivorous Plant Society signed an agreement for the start of the Rare Nepenthes Project. This project aims to preserve genetic diversity of endangered Nepenthes species by maintaining a living collection of all genetic diversity of the plants of the target species that are in cultivation.

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