Conference 2012 Seekonk, Massachusetts, USA

Phil Mann
Conference presentation by Phil Mann.

Plant display
Conference plant display.

Info Booth
Meadowview information booth at conference.

Field Trip
Peter D'Amato outstanding in the field during the North Carolina trip after the conference.

The 9th International Carnivorous Plant Society Conference was sponsored by the New England Carnivorous Plant Society and held August 11-13, 2012 in Seekonk, Massachusetts, USA.

The following talks were presented:

Fernando Rivadavia: Philcoxia

A great overview of this newest genus of carnivorous plants with photos from the wild and even a new species.

Adam Cross: Aldrovanda

Probably the most complete overview on Aldrovanda yet and a nice overview of his recent book on the subject published by Redfern publishers.

Phil Sheridan: Pitchers for the Public!

A synopsis of the work of Meadowview Botanical research Station and its latest project aimed at preserving wild pitcher plants for the general public.

Peter D’Amato: Revision of The Savage Garden and the need for Grex naming.

An announcement of the total revision of probably the best sold CP-book around, The Savage Garden published by Ten Speed Press. The new book will be available in 2013. Peter also held a plea for Grex naming of Sarracenia as the crosses are becoming more complex by the day.

Phil Mann/Richard Nunn/Greg Bourke: Endangered Australian CP’s and the new book Australian Carnivorous Plants.

A realistic view of the status of many carnivorous plants in Australia and an introduction of the new book Australian Carnivorous Plants published by Redfern publishers. Greg Bourke contributed by Skype.

Naoki Tanabe & Koji Kondo: Conservation and invasive species in Japan.

A good overview of some of the carnivorous plants in Japan and the threat they face from invasive species.

Damon Collingsworth: Darlingtonia in Northern California and Southern Oregon.

A great field report on a trip to Darlingtonia country.

Rachel Schwallier: Will we murder our murderous plants?

This lecture gave an overview of research up to this date of the influence of environmental factors on the distribution of Nepenthes species.

Robert Gibson: A morphological evaluation on the Drosera peltata complex.

A synopsis of Dr. Gibson’s paper on the renaming/reclassification of the plants in the Drosera peltata complex.

Paulo Gonello & Fernando Rivadavia: Recent advances in Drosera taxonomy in Brazil.

A clear view on research on Brazilian Drosera species presented over Skype by Paulo Gonello, assisted by Fernando Rivadavia in the lecture room. It looks Brazil has more species than was believed so far.

Andreas Fleischmann & Fernando Rivadavia: A taxonomic review of the genus Genlisea.

Probably the most complete work on Genlisea since the classification by Peter Taylor some years ago, presented by Andreas Fleischmann by Skype with the assistance of Fernando Rivadavia.

Emily Troiano: The North American Sarracenia Conservancy.

A presentation of the works and goals of The North American Sarracenia Conservancy.

Stewart McPherson: The Ark of Life project.

An introduction of the Ark of Life project, aiming to safe genetic diversity of seriously endangered species in cultivation. Aside from the functioning ark with endangered Nepenthes species in Leiden two ark in preparation were introduced, an Ark for South African species and an Ark for Sarracenia species.

The conference was filmed and this footage will become available at some time in the future.

After the conference there was the opportunity to join field trips in New England and North Carolina which showed many beautiful plants in their native habitat.

-- Marcel van den Broek

Botanical garden
Matt Kaelin getting down and dirty photographing plants.

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