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Carnivorous Plant Names Database (19 October 2014)
The database was updated on 15 October 2014.

Board of Directors & Volunteers (19 October 2014)
Latest lineup of the board and volunteers.

About the ICPS (23 June 2013)
The ICPS has a new mailing address.

International Carnivorous Plant Society, Inc.
2121 N. California Blvd., Suite 290
Walnut Creek, CA 94596-7351

Historic Carnivorous Plant Documents (18 June 2013)
A compendium of historic carnivorous plant documents on this web site and other web site.

Web site moved to new server (20 May 2013)
This web site was migrated to a new server. If you notice any problems with any of the web pages please contact the page maintainer listed at the bottom of the page or the webmaster. This web site is generally faster than the old one. Occasionally there are page load delays.

ICPS Conservation Projects—Butterfly Valley Drosera x hybrida Removal (21 December 2011)
The ICPS assisted the US Forest Service identify and remove an exotic carnivore planted out in a protected national botanical area.

The Weird, Wild, Wacky and Wonderful World of Carnivorous Plants (13 January 2011)
A six day carnivorous plant workshop for children seven to nine years old.

CPN section:

Recent Issues of Carnivorous Plant Newsletter (18 July 2015)
Page redone with links to publicly available PDFs.

CPN Search the Index (11 July 2013)
Search CPN for authors, title, keywords, or species from volume 1 (April 1972) through the current volume, including a link to the HTML and PDF of the article if available.

Our Advertisers (11 July 2013)
The ads from the latest issue of CPN.

Cultivar Registrations (3 September 2010)
All cultivar registrations and descriptions published in CPN are now available as both HTML and PDF.

Species Descriptions (16 March 2010)
All species descriptions published in CPN are now available in both HTML and PDF.

About Carnivorous Plants section:

The Drosera peltata complex (19 October 2014)
The Drosera peltata complex has a complicated history of unspecified type specimens and controversies over what constitutes a taxonomic species. This page summarizes that history and includes information to tell the species apart.

The Drosera indica complex (12 September 2014)
With the publication of Carnivorous Plants of Australia Magnum Opus by Allen Lowrie, there are now eleven species defined in the Drosera indica complex. This page covers the taxonomic history of the group and has a table of characters and photos to help identify the species.

Evolution -- Drosera Chromosomes (14 August 2014)
Page and figures updated with many new chromosome counts.

Evolution of the Lamiales Carnivores (29 December 2013)
Page updated.

Evolution of the Caryophyllales Carnivores (27 December 2013)
Page updated.

See more new or updated About Carnivorous Plants pages.

How To Grow Carnivorous Plants section:

Growing Heliamphora (2 January 2016)
Page updated to encourage LED lighting instead of fluorescent.

Propagating Cephalotus (10 April 2014)
Jerry Jackson shows how to propagate and grow Cephalotus follicularis in this 34 minute video.

Propagating Heliamphora (10 April 2014)
Jerry Jackson shows how to propagate and grow Heliamphora in this 46 minute video.

Propagating Nepenthes by stem cuttings (10 April 2014)
Jerry Jackson shows how to propagate Nepenthes by stem cuttings in this 8 minute video.

Feeding—Dried Blood Worms Step-by-Step (6 February 2014)
Dried blood worms are a great way to feed your plants when they cannot catch food on their own.

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Seed Bank section:

Seed Bank Seed Images (1 August 2015)
Photos of carnivorous plant seeds.

Making Individual Seed Packets (2 February 2015)
Page redone with new photos and instructions.

Making a Paper Envelope (2 February 2015)
Page redone with new photos and instructions.

International Shipping (25 June 2014)
Know the import regulation for your country before ordering seeds internationally.

Quick Links to Growing Guides (18 November 2011)
This page and all growing information moved to the How to Grow Carnivorous Plants section.

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