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16-18 JUNE 2000



I am so glad everyone who has written about the ICPS World Conference in San Francisco enjoyed it. I am very happy that we were able to bring so many people from around the world to meet in San Francisco and share their knowledge on carnivorous plants. I am proud that the ICPS has some new directions for the future that came out of discussions that began at the conference; conversations about ways of better serving the members, new questions for research, and many conservation strategies and initiatives. I am pleased to be serving with the International Society to move these ideas forward in the coming years.

The conference was a success as a direct result of the great support it received from a great number of people, but a few should be mentioned in particular. Cindy Slezak deserves a huge thank you from all of us, and so do some volunteers who performed above and beyond the call of duty--Margaret Boomer, Katherine Henwood, Bill Weaver, Stephanie Van Parys, and Judith Finn spring first to my mind. They all missed parts of the conference to help in various ways. Barry Rice, Madeleine Groves, and the board members of the ICPS all provided key support. Thanks also to the Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society, and all of you who volunteered in organizing the event.

We must recognize and thank the generous people who donated plants and other items for the auction, and those who donated directly to the organizing effort. Many individuals and nurseries donated rare plants, books, botanical prints, and memorabilia. While the list of donors was sadly lost, it should be said that there were at least 23 people who donated over $100 dollars worth of items. All these donations were a saving grace, and helped prevent large financial losses. Thank you each and all.

The largest thanks goes to the speakers, without whom there would have been no conference; you were amazingly great. Many of you came great distances at your own expense to participate, and many contributed their fees back to the conference. Everyone learned and gained from your presentations.

Those who were there know that the fledgling photo contest came off well; you can expect to see some of the excellent winning photos in future issues of Carnivorous Plant Newsletter (see the inside cover of this proceedings for the list of winners). The vendors who brought interesting and new plants were a welcome feature; more than a few conference-goers took home new carnivorous treasures. I am sure everyone enjoyed the chance to socialize at the banquet and enjoy the great food. I will never forget the experience of being entertained with all my new friends by Barry’s antics in the featured presentation.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the ICPS World Conference; to those of you who did not---be sure to start saving for the next one. I know I will not miss it, in fact I can hardly wait!

As always,

David O. Gray

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