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This video was created for the Pepsi Refresh Project which is now closed. Unfortunately we didn't win but you can still support Meadowview's effort to save the Virginia's Northernmost pitcher plant bog.

To lean more about ICPS conservation please see the Conservation Section of this web site.

Brian Barnes, ICPS Conservation Director, describes a visit to some of the last remaining wild Sarracenia alabamensis populations left in the State of Alabama, USA. The ICPS provides funding for prescribed burns and other habitat preservation work on Sarracenia alabamensis sites under the stewardship of The Nature Conservancy. The Society's contribution to this valuable work can only happen with your donations.

Siggi Hartmeyer explores the "snap trap" and "runway light" functions used by various Drosera species in this hour long documentary.

Siggi has generously donated his documentary to the public domain, but for-profit distribution is prohibited.

Barry Rice tells the story of how the Venus flytrap got its name at the ICPS Conference 2000 in San Francisco.

There are more videos at ICPStv on YouTube.

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