About the Seed Bank

The Seed Bank is a member-only seed exchange. To order seed from the Seed Bank, you must be a current member of the International Carnivorous Plant Society. The purpose of the Seed Bank is to enhance members understanding and enjoyment of these weird and wonderful plants.

Information on growing carnivorous plants is located in the How to Grow Carnivorous Plants section of this web site.

All seed purchases are processed at the ICPS Store on our members-only web site. Please log into the members web site to place your seed order.

The ICPS is a non-profit organization and does not sell seed commercially. The prices charged do not reflect the commercial value of the seed. If you aren't a member, please see the list of vendors that advertise in CPN and commercial sites on the ICPS Web Ring to find vendors that do sell seed and plants.

Seeds of selected varieties are available free to teachers for use in the classroom and to scientists and conservation organizations. Please contact the seed bank manager by e-mail for more information.

Seed packets are US$2 to US$5 each. The quantity of seed available to each member is 1 packet of each item listed per month and 40 packets total in any 12 month period. Seed Bank seeds are intended for your personal use only. If you have extra seeds, feel free to give them away to future CP fanatics. The intention of these policies is to allow as many members as possible to benefit from the Seed Bank. Seed orders in excess of what is considered appropriate for building your personal collection will be refused. Please see the Frequent Questions page and Seed Use Rules for more information.

The Seed Bank can't exist without your donations. Donate seed and get credit for free seed from the Seed Bank.

The ICPS can not distribute seed of plants protected by CITES Appendix I outside of the USA. If you do not live in the USA, please do not send CITES Appendix I seed to the Seed Bank unless you have CITES permits. These species are Sarracenia alabamensis, S. jonesii, S. oreophila, Nepenthes khasiana, and N. rajah.

The ICPS has a permit from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to sell seeds of the carnivorous plants listed under the US Endangered Species Act within the USA. These species are Sarracenia alabamensis, S. jonesii, S. oreophila, and Pinguicula ionantha. Since seeds of Pinguicula ionantha are viable only a few weeks, there is no point sending them to the Seed Bank.

A previous Seed Bank manager published descriptions, drawings, and electron micrographs of many carnivorous plant seeds:

Dwyer, Patrick T. (1983) Seed Structure of Carnivorous Plants. Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 12(1):8-23 (Species: Drosera; Pinguicula; Sarracenia) ( )

Dwyer, Patrick T. (1983) Seed Structure of Carnivorous Plants. Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 12(2):33-38,45-50 (Species: Byblis; Drosophyllum; Nepenthes; Utricularia) ( )

If you have any comments or questions about the Seed Bank, please feel free to contact the Seed Bank manager on ClubExpress.

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