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Carnivorous Plant Newsletter
Volume 17, Number 1, March 1988, page 20


New CP Cultivar Received in 1987

Nepenthes (Florida g.) 'Nina Dodd'

--- James T. Robinson • Arlington Hts., IL • USA

The following cultivar has been received during 1987 for publication in CPN: Nepenthes (Florida g.) 'Nina Dodd'

Originated by Cliff Dodd, Daytona Beach, FL; received Dec. 31, 1987. Florida grex resulted from crossing Nepenthes bicalcarata x Nepenthes x dyeriana. 'Nina Dodd' is the sole survivor of eight germinated seeds resulting from the pollination of about 50 flowers in 1984. The general appearance of the cultivar is about mid-way between that of its parents. The shape of the pitcher resembles that of the seed parent. Stems are dark green and slightly tomentose. Leaves are petiolate, 45 cm. long, 12 cm. wide, dark green above and lighter below; tendrils are light green. Lower pitchers are 10 cm. high, 5 cm. wide, with two frilled wings 20 mm. wide. Pitchers are heavily mottled red and green. The peristome is light green striped with reddish purple. The lid is about 2.5 cm. long, 2 cm. wide, light green above and mottled red below. At the junction of lid and peristome is an upright, unbranched spur. Upper pitchers have not yet formed nor has the cultivar flowered.

Vegetative propagations of this cultivar should be on display at the Atlanta Botanic Gardens in 1988.

Nepenthes (Florida g.) 'Nina Dodd'. Photo by Cliff Dodd

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