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Volume 18, Number 2, June 1989, page 39



Nepenthes (Daytona g.) 'Ron Determann'

--- James T. Robinson • Arlington Hts., IL • USA

The following cultivar has been received during 1988 for publication in CPN: Nepenthes (Daytona g.) 'Ron Determann'

Originated by Cliff Dodd, Daytona Beach, FL; received Aug. 25, 1988. Daytona grex resulted from crossing Nepenthes ampullaria x Nepenthes alata. 'Ron Determann' is the first selection from this cross which was made in summer 1984. While seedlings from the cross are typically lightly spotted, this cultivar is almost uniformly green. It largely resembles the seed parent, grows vigorously and produces many pitchers. Pitchers are larger than those of either parent and are accompanied by numerous short shoots. Stems are 1-1 1/2 cm. in diameter. Leaves are 28 cm. long, 6 cm. wide, med. green and slightly whitish-orange tomentose. Tendrils are 14-20 cm. long and similarly tomentose. Pitchers are smooth, 15 cm. tall, 8 cm. wide, with two frilled wings. Pitchers are light green outside and light red inside; mouth is oblique, 5-6 cm. in diameter. Peristome is 1 cm. broad, light green with inner and outer edges red. Lid is oval-shaped and green in color flushed with red. The spur is unbranched and 1-1 1/2 cm. long.

The cultivar is named for Ron Determann, Supervisor of the Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory, Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Vegetative propagations of this cultivar should be on display at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in 1989.

Nepenthes (Daytona g.) 'Ron Determann'

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