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Volume 18, Number 4, December 1989, page 120


Nepenthes 'Joanne Holland'
Nepenthes mirabilis 'Greenhorn'

Nepenthes 'Joanne Holland'

Originated by Thomas Gibson, Univ. of Wisconsin, Dept. of Botany, Madison, WI 53706. This selection resulted from crossing Nepenthes glabratus x Nepenthes veitchii during 1986. The overall appearance of 'Joanne Holland' is intermediate between the parent species. Plants are vining and branched like N. glabratus, but with larger pitchers with broadly flaring peristomes like N. veitchii. The distinctive pitchers are colorfully red-flecked.

The cultivar is named for Dr. Joanne Holland of Madison, Wisconsin.


Nepenthes mirabilis 'Greenhorn'

Designated by Miloslav Studnicka, Sc. Museum, Leninovall, 460 01 Liberec, Czechoslovakia. This selection is characterized by having uniformly green pitchers. The rim is also pure green, while the wild type usually has a purple to chestnut rim. Pitchers are up to 14 cm. high, 3 cm. wide, with two conspicuous nerves instead of wings; and with a round lid. Foliar part of leaf is about 22 cm. long, 6 cm. wide, thin, pale green and slightly hairy, with bristled margins. The cultivar has not been seen in flower.

N. mirabilis 'Greenhorn' was acquired by the Botanical Gardens in Liberec an two occasions. It was donated by the Botanical Gardens in West Berlin in 1980 and by the Botanical Gardens in Halle, East Germany in 1987. It is sometimes mislabeled "N. vieillardii" in European Botanical Gardens. A voucher specimen for this cultivar has been filed in the herbarium of Charles University, Prague, Czechoslovkia.


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