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Carnivorous Plant Newsletter
Volume 26, Number 1, March 1997, pages 19-20


N. sanguinea x N. tobaica cv. 'Shivas Regal'
N. gracilis cv. 'Nighttime Regal'

Two New Nepenthes Cultivars (Nepenthaceae)

--- PHILL MANN & MARK STUART • Harvey • Western Australia

Keywords: cultivar: Nepenthes

The first of these two new cultivars is 'Shivas Regal,' a distinctive hybrid between Nepenthes sanguinea red form and Nepenthes tobaica red form. It is named after the breeder, Mr. Don Shivas of Queensland, and was made in the late 1980 's. The second is 'Nighttime Regal' and is a large, dark purple form of Nepenthes gracilis which was selected from material collected at Bau in Sarawak, Borneo.

N. sanguinea x N. tobaica cv. 'Shivas Regal'

This plant is a climbing vine similar in growth to N. tobaica but larger in all respects. Leaves are sessile to partly decurrent, leathery, 20 cm long and 3 cm wide. Stems are singular in being almost square in cross section. In high light leaves assume maroon colour. Lower pitchers are purple-maroon in colour, to 20 cm in length, 5 cm in width, tubular with lower third ovate. Spur undivided. Wings, two toothed as in Nepenthes tobaica. The mouth is teardrop shaped, angled, the peristome dark purple in colour, and as with N. sanguinea devoid of distinct teeth on the inner margin. The inner surface of the throat is mottled with light red and green. The lid is elliptical, dark purple in colour. Upper pitchers are like those of Nepenthes tobaica, square fronted with toothed wings absent. The mouth becomes more square in shape, the peristome finer in detail. The colour becomes lighter mottled with yellow and green all over. The leaves are lanceolate to 20 cm long, dark green in colour. This hybrid prefers cooler temperatures, thriving in highland conditions. It is a difficult plant to propagate by cuttings.

Figure 1: N. sanguinea x N. tobaica cv. 'Shivas Regal'

N. gracilis cv. 'Nighttime Regal'

The leaves are very dark green, lanceolate, 4 cm wide, 20 cm long, speckled maroon on the under surface. The lower pitchers are typical of Nepenthes gracilis with darker purple flecks which are cylindrical in shape, 6 cm in length, 1.5 cm wide. The small cylindrical peristome is green and purple in colour. The upper pitchers are remarkably larger than typical Nepenthes gracilis, 12 cm in length, 3 cm in width, dark red to maroon turning almost brown with maturity. The lid is elliptical and wider than the mouth with maroon on both surfaces. The mouth is orbicular and almost flat with a fine cylindrical peristome, green with occasional red stripes. The inner surface of the pitcher is green with red flecks. Two toothed wings are found on the full length of the pitcher. The tendril is 16 cm long.

An unusual, vigorous plant that produces larger and darker coloured upper pitchers the taller it gets, being a feature opposite to most other Nepenthes. It grows well in lowland conditions and takes easily from cuttings.

Figure 2: N. gracilis cv. 'Nighttime Regal'

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