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Volume 38, Number 3, September 2009, pages 90 - 91

New Cultivars

Sarracenia ‘Jessica’

Submitted: 5 December 2008

Sarracenia ‘Jessica’ (see Figure 1) comes from a cross I made between a vigorous green Sarracenia alata and one of my S. leucophylla clones. Through faster growth and refinement of form and color, this clone soon separated itself from its siblings. Sarracenia ‘Jessica’ produces abundant light-green erect leaves, reaching 56 cm (22 in), that show a yellow suffusion and faint areoles on the upper leaf and the hood. A subdued red-brown venation is also restricted to this area. Older leaves develop lighter coloration and increased translucence on the upper leaf and hood with the veins becoming more prominent. The flower is the feature that distinguishes this cultivar from all other S. x areolata crosses, and I selected it for cultivar status and named it on 15 May 2007. (see Figure 2)

This is not a strongly colored plant. Rather, Sarracenia ‘Jessica’ exhibits a grace and formal elegance that has made it a constant favorite of mine. On this plant, with its patrician appearance, it always delights and amuses me to see the explosion of gorgeous, incongruous clear-pink flowers that it produces each spring. It is this split personality that has cemented my attachment to this cultivar and which reminded me so much, in a moment of whimsy, of the endlessly complex young woman for which it is named.

To maintain these memorable characteristics, this plant should be reproduced only by vegetative means.

— JERRY ADDINGTON • Courting Frogs Nursery • Stanwood, WA • USA

Figure 1: Sarracenia 'Jessica' pitcher. Photo by Jerry Addington.

Figure 2: Sarracenia ‘Jessica’ flower. Photo by Jerry Addington.

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