Cultivation and Propagation

Selected Articles:

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Colchicine Treatment on Sterile Hybrid Sundews, Ivan Snyder, CPN 29(1): 4-10, March 2000

Colchicine Hazards, Sean Barry, CPN 29(1):10, March 2000

Judith Finn on growing Pinguicula laueana, Barry Rice, CPN 28(4): 126-127, December 1999

The Biology and Cultivation of Red Australian Aldrovanda vesiculosa, Lubomír Adamec, CPN 28(4): 130-132, December 1999

An Economical Carbon Dioxide Generator, Tony Camilleri, CPN 28(4):132, December 1999

Fly Fishing, David Crump, CPN 28(3):96, September 1999

Cultivation of Triphyophyllum peltatum (Dioncophyllaceae), the Part-Time Carnivorous Plant, Gerhard Bringmann, Jan Schlauer, Kristina Wolf, Heiko Rischer, Uwe Buschbom, Andreas Kreiner, Friedrich Thiele, Martin Duschek, and Laurent AkZ Assi, CPN 28(1):7-13, March 1999

Enticing Drosera hamiltonii To Flower, Barry Rice, CPN 27(2):46-47, June 1998

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