Natural History and Field Trips

Selected Articles:

Drosera slackii -- A living Jewel from South Africa, Robert Gibson CPN 29(4):107-109

The Giant Genlisea uncinata P.Taylor & Fromm-Trinta, Fernando Rivadavia, CPN29(3):83-86

Carnivorous Plants of the Northwest Territories, Chris Teichreb, CPN 28(3):88-89

Comments from an ICPS Correspondent: "Nelipu" of van Rheede, M.K. Janarthanam, CPN 28(2):44-46

Carnivorous Plants of New South Wales, Australia, Robert Gibson, CPN 28(2)59-69

Rediscovery of an outstanding Nepenthes: N. aristolochioides (Nepenthaceae), Dr. Joachim Nerz, CPN 27(3):68-72

The Carnivorous Flora of Gunung Bandahara, Paul Harwood, Heiko Rischer, and Andreas Wistuba, CPN 27(2):59-61

A Trip to the Philippines, Phill Mann, CPN 27(1):6-11

Aldrovanda vesiculosa: Description, Distribution, Ecology and Cultivation, Christian Breckpot, CPN 26(3):73-82

Another Nice Trip to Sumatra, Charles Clarke, CPN 26(1):4-10

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