Web Ring Rules

There are a few rules about inclusion in the Carnivorous Plant Web Ring. Sites that don't conform to these rules will be denied entry to the ring or will be removed from the ring.

  1. The site must be a carnivorous plant site. If a site has multiple topics, the page linked to the web ring must be an obvious carnivorous plant page. For instance a grower specializing in orchids and carnivorous plants may have to create a special carnivorous plant page to be included in the Carnivorous Plant Web Ring.

  2. The site must contain original content. A series of links to other sites is not sufficient. The ICPS wants to encourage members to share their experiences with carnivorous plants. Use your site to tell about what works for you and what does not work. Beginners are especially encouraged.

  3. The site can not contain content stolen or "borrowed" from other sites. If you absolutely must use material from other people, you must have permission from them. How you acknowledge the permission is between you and the other person but the ring masters would appreciate it if the acknowledgment is obvious.

  4. Sites on the web ring can not sell wild collected plants. A statement to this effect on the web site would be appreciated.

  5. Carnivorous Plant Web Ring sites need to have the Web Ring Navigation HTML Code on the page listed in the ring. The whole idea of a web ring is browsers may traverse the ring from site to site. The navigation HTML code is generated for you at the Activate My Site link after your site is approved.

Although not exactly a rule, sites on the Carnivorous Plant Web Ring should also work. The Ring Masters are more than happy to work with members to get sites working properly.

Please direct any comments or questions about the Carnivorous Plant Web Ring to .

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