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To make your site part of the Carnivorous Plant Web Ring is a multi-step process. You must complete steps 1, 2, 4, and 5. ICPS volunteers do step 3.

  1. The first step to make your site part of the web ring is to read the web ring rules and agree to them. You agree to the rules at the bottom of this page.

  2. If you agree with all the rules you will be invited to fill in the site submission form. Please fill in all the information requested.

  3. Your submission will be reviewed by the Carnivorous Plant Ring Masters to make sure it conforms to the rules for inclusion in the web ring. It may take a few weeks to complete the review. You may also be contacted to discuss any issues that arise. Remember that the Ring Masters are volunteers who have family and work responsibilities too.

  4. After the Ring Masters have approved your site, you will receive an automated e-mail from the Web Ring server. If your site is approved, come back to this web site and click Activate My Site to the left and log in. You will receive the HTML code you need to place on your web page listed in the ring.

  5. After you install the code on your web site, click Activate My Site and log in to tell the Web Ring server you have installed the web ring navigation code.

If the submission is denied, you will receive an e-mail explaining the problem. The most common issue is content stolen from other web sites.

First Step:

  • My site is a carnivorous plant site or I have a page exclusively about carnivorous plants to locate the web ring navigation code.
  • My site contains content that is unique to my site. I either wrote the text myself, took the pictures myself, or someone produced the content for me.
  • My site does not contain text or pictures borrowed or stolen from other sites. I have permission from the photographer to display any pictures on my site that are not my property.
  • My site does not list wild collected plants for sale and I don't advocate the commercial trade of wild collected plants.
  • I will place the Web Ring navigation code on the bottom of my main CP page when the site is approved.



Please direct any comments or questions about the Carnivorous Plant Web Ring to .


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